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Yaar Anmulle - Sharry Mann
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Sharry Mann is a Punjabi singer and writer. He was born on 12 September 1982 in Mohali in the house of Sardar Balbir Singh and Sardarni Harmel Kaur. He has one sister and one brother. He basically belongs to V.P.O. Ghal Khurd (Nehran) Distt. Firozepur


There have been many vocalists coming and going in the Punjabi music industry of late, but 'SHARRY MANN' is one who is ready to set down his market and is here to stay.

Sharry, who has started his civil engineering from Rode College, Moga. But moved back to Mohali without completing his engineering to start his career in Music Industry. Sharry Mann was always very fond of music and he always sing in free time. He has created wonders with 'Yaar Anmulle' by breaking all previous records for an unsigned Punjabi singer on the internet.

Swiftly becoming one of the most talked about names in the Punjabi music industry, Sharry Mann took the opportunities of the internet and Youtube to new heights in 2010.
Sharry first came to light after his tracks were leaked via the web namely 'Kudiyan Te Bussan' which attracted a lot of attention.
His step to stardom took place a few months ago when he released his first produced single 'Yaar Anmulle'.

'Yaar Anmulle' is based on college life and reminiscing about the good times had with friends that we all have regardless of where we have grown up be it skipping classes, cruising with mates or pursuing girls.
This was all to unparalleled success even in comparison to Asian music releases from the UK & North America within the same period.
The track received attention from all corners of the globe with many viewers connecting with the subject of the track; reminiscent of student life, youth and friendship.

Within one week of the song video, which features pictures of Sharry Mann and his friends, being uploaded to YouTube it had reached 200,000 views which far exceeded any recent video released by a UK Bhangra artist for the same time frame and the view count after one month was over 450,000.
To date the track has received just over 15 million hits, a tremendous achievement when it was released in August 2010!

The album titled 'Yaar Anmulle' is accompanied by a touching video for the title track produced by director of the moment Rimpy Prince.The album itself has released in India, under the Label Speed Records.

Another Album following "Yaar Anmulle" after a time frame of about 2 years, was Aate Di Chiri. Sharry took this time off, to re-furnish and use it wisely to come up with the plans to give the hits like Yaar Anmulle in the future too. And, the success of Aate Di Chiri proved it undoubtedly. The track of the new album again became the tunes of every mouth of every age frame. 
Album contained songs that attracted every type of fan following, there was a song describing the feelings of a mother, a sister, a daughter, a son, a father, and a friend; making it a versatile album and proving Sharry's tremendous talents in singing, and writing once again.
Music to the album was given by Nick Dhammu, one who produced Yaar Anmulle.
Album was very nicely able to shut the mouths of those who were enchanting that Sharry's one track got him famous, ignoring his hardwork and struggle of 10 years.


Another hit single track "3 Peg" crossed 36 million Youtube views in less than 2 months.

Sharry is also set to make a unique place in the Punjabi Film Industry. After giving a debut superhit movie titled "Oye Hoye Pyaar Ho geya", now he is all set to take his acting abilities to a whole new level with his upcoming movie "Ishq Garaari."

While the upcoming songs stays in process.


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